The Zephyr is one of Shetland’s largest and most advanced fishing vessels. When the decision was taken to lengthen the ship and install more powerful bow thrusters, it was clear that more electrical power would be needed than was available from the generators in their existing configuration. The answer was provided by DH Marine in the form of a new power management system that allows power from all the engines to be combined.

Zephyr zoom Zephyr Brian Irvine, the Zephyr’s Engineer, recalls:

‘David Henry suggested the system, which came from Woodward. DH Marine installed everything that was needed to get it working. They had two men in Poland with us to help get it installed and commissioned. Without them, we’d never have got the job done.’

DH Marine also installed an alarm and monitoring system on the Zephyr. The work was done in Lerwick, Shetland during the summer 2010. The system monitors every aspect of the ship’s operation from the bridge, from freezers to engines. Brian Irvine says that the monitoring system works ‘perfectly’. He adds:

‘We’re very satisfied with the work done by DH Marine. I can phone them at any time, even in the middle of the night, and they’ll be happy to give us advice, or come out. All the work they’ve done for us has been good. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.’